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        Computer Kings international is one of the best hosting provider Since 2005.Our Quality services & customer satisfaction brought us a great growth. Our Mission is to provide best web services at affordable rates while providing an impeccable level of customer service. We accept the responsibility of providing personal consultancy to our customers for improving their business on Internet. Also we are not liable to disclose management related issue to any third party.


 Computer Kings is a comprehensive web hosting company. We offer best services for our clients. Our hosting plans have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of individuals as well as any and every type of business imaginable. We specialize in a variety of plans and can customize any type of account from basic to high end. We are dedicated to satisfying the web hosting needs of each and every client on an individual level.


 Computer Kings consistently monitor the competition within the industry. We can honestly and proudly say that our company offers more services and a lower price than the industry standard. With so many hosting options available, it is extremely difficult to compare one company to another. In most cases, a lower price does not mean a high level of customer service. We have worked to break the mold. Computer Kings provides the highest level of customer service available at the lowest possible price.

Network Infrastructure

Intel Dual Xeon Servers

  Our servers run Quad Core 8 - processors with 16 GB of RAM and RAID protected hard drives providing the power, versatility, and reliability required for high end servers. The combination provides outstanding performance and headroom for peak workloads, resulting in faster response times.

Raid Disk Mirroring

 RAID is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and used to mirror data on two disk drives simultaneously to ensure data integrity. Disk mirroring protects from loss of data by instantly switching to the other disk with no interruption in service if one of the disk drives fail without requiring data restoration from a backup.

 RAID also provides twice the read rate of a single disk to increase performance. When multiple requests are made for the same data, demand can be distributed between two disks therefore decreasing response time for data access.

Linux Operating System
We exclusively use the Linux (Enterprise/Fedora/CentOS) operating system on our servers. Linux is one of the most popular server operating systems in the industry today due to itís scalability and track record as the most stable operating system on the market. It is constantly under active development which insures a reliable, secure, and robust platform for web hosting environments.

Windows Operating System

 We exclusively use the Windows 2003 (Enterprise) operating system on our servers. Windows is one of the most popular server operating systems used in the industry today.It is constantly under active development which insures a reliable, secure, and robust platform for web hosting environments.

The Planet Datacenter

The Planet is located in Dallas, Texas and offers complete redundancy in power, network connectivity, and security. The network is fully meshed and redundant with 10 tier one backbone providers with at least 1Gbps or greater uplink which includes AboveNet, AT&T, Broadwing, Global Crossing, Level3, nLayer, Sprint, Time Warner, UUNET, and Verio.


NAC Datacenter

NAC is located in New Jersey and considered one of the best networks in the world. NAC has connections to multiple tier one backbone providers including Level3, AboveNet, UUNET, InterNAP, Genuity and over 300 peering points and transit providers spanning three countries within North America and Europe.


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